Snowfall Lights

We are thrilled to announce a new product line…Dream Drop Brilliants!

And our Dream Drop Lights LED Balls.  One of our newest products, blending both LED snowfall light actions with the timeless traditions of Christmas.  Mezmorizing while also traditionally beautiful, blending the shine of chrome with the modern efficiency of LED lights and our famous “drop”.  The LED balls are currently on sale for $49.99!

More of our Brilliants, for sale here.

Snowfall Lights

Dream Drop Brilliants are just that…brighter than any other Snowfall Lights!  They use new SMD LEDs, which lead to a much more powerful effect.  They create a magical ambiance that will get attention!


They are available in 21″, 14″ or 7″.  Dream Drop Brilliants still reflect the highest levels of quality.  We are very proud of our lights, and these are our new flagship line.  They are sure to wow, and produce an amazing snowfall lights effect.

You know it if you have seen LED Snowfall Lights.  They are hypnotic, engaging, and yet peaceful.  Very similar to the feeling produced when watching snow fall at night.  So, too, do Snowfall Lights create a deafening sensory experience.

Dream Drop Lights are top of the line LED lights, with a snowfall like effect.  They will thrill you with their random patterns.  Whether for Christmas, or just adding interest and mood to the trees in your yard, Dream Drop Lights will never disappoint.

Our products are of the highest quality and will last years, though any elements.  We are based in Scottsdale, Arizona and have partnered exclusively with to sell our lights.  You can find our store here.  We pride ourselves on speedy delivery and standing by our lights.  We believe our lights are special and will ensure you feel the same.

Our lights have been featured in shopping malls, car shows, resorts, interior designer competitions, grand Christmas light displays, and just to showcase a gazebo.  Really, it is up to you to figure out how you will use your Dream Drop Lights.

Dream Drop Lights come in five sizes:  7″, 14″, 21″, 31″ and 40″.  They are rated for indoor or outdoor use.  And because they use LED lights, they consume very little power, deliver a stunning bright white light, and will last for years to come.